Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Reptilian UFO Sends Woman To The Hospital

California UFO Sighting, ‘Reptilian’ Occupant, Prompt Trip to Emergency Room
As she closed her eyes, she says, a “reptilian face” appeared.

“I was trying to pray. I quickly opened my eyes and then closed them again and saw the same shape.”

When the daylight arrived, she explains, the “object” began to descent and then disappeared. That’s when the couple say they decided to drive away.

But, according to the woman, she became ill on their way back home. She says she began experiencing breathing issues so they drove to a convenient urgent care facility.

“They checked my vitals and didn’t find anything wrong with me. So we took off but didn’t get to far because I began to feel as though I was going to pass out,” she continued, prompting a trip to the emergency room at Santa Barbara’s Cottage Hospital.

“My entire body ached and my female internal organs hurt a lot. I was beginning to lose conscience. My legs felt like a ton, my body felt like a banged up rag doll and my internal female organs hurt a lot. They gave me a Xanax.”

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    1. Buy yourself some tampax and a bottle of midol Alexander. Problem solved.

    2. Someone needs to help you out Stewart. You have a full dozen sticking out of your mouth.

    3. Uh oh thats not his mouth!

  2. like reptilian humanoids have been here as far back as the the Gray Aliens