Friday, May 6, 2016

Looking For Bigfoot In All The Wrong Places

Everyone has their own theories when it comes to sasquatch, including where the best place to find them is. But according to the Squatch Master himself, bigfoot don't stay in one place. He believes they are migratory. And who would argue with a "Squatch Master"?

The Sasquatch,being a migratory individual, are seldom found in one location as some might wish to claim. Recently I was engaged in a discussion with the man in charge of the Ohio Bigfoot Conference here in Ohio. He claims that the Sasquatch are found mostly in places like 1) West Branch State Park and 2) Salt Fork State Park...Too many people who say they "research" the Sasquatch claim that they are seeing them in the same locations time after time, some claim there are several of the Sasquatch living in family groups in the same locations for several years. I even had one man say to me once that the Ohio Bigfoot was exclusive to Salt Fork State Park and was found no where else. Needless to say,Salt Fork was the only place he went and add in the fact he has never seen one proves he doesn't know of what he speaks. The Sasquatch is The most elusive unknown individual on Earth and the reason is that they are migratory and never stay in one place for very long. Several years ago when I first started in this I figured this out,yet no one else seems to comprehend this. I also figured out by looking at alleged sighting reports that most were near the Buckeye Trail, which circles the entire state through forested land. This trail does pass through such places as West Branch & Salt Fork State Parks. So in order to track and find the Sasquatch in Ohio, I've been watching the Buckeye Trail closely...that is why the Wayne National Forest is high on my list of search areas.


  1. Short answer: bigfoot dont exist

    Long answer: bigfoot is a myth perpetuated by both true believers and those partaking in the fantasy role playing game of woods and monsters. A role player wont get bogged down in arguing the existence as that kills the fun. A heavily mistaken believer will however defend the faith at all costs -even on an obscure blog that noone reads. Why? Because it is a way of self reassurance that there is something out there because for some incredible reason the state of the world and its fascinating and diverse wildlife is not enough to satisfy them. They always want something more, something just out of reach, something fantastical, something to fill their empty lives. That void is filled perfectly by bigfoot. It is a comfortable spot they place themselves in knowing that it can not be disproven (impossible to prove the non existence) so for them bigfoot will always be real even though no actual proof is provided during their entire lifetime. Many true believers have passed never finding what they were looking for and many more will do the same. I really hope people can get over it and move on with their lifes. There are many fascinating things out there which can be studied, it is a shame to waste your time in such a futile subject.

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      Hi ISF'er. Why are there so many pathological liars in your tiny little sub culture ?

    2. ^ hahahaha....waste of your time...hypocrite!

    3. 4:09 puts on a big pink helmet as often as possible

    4. Okay, this one just writes itself, no further comment needed.


    5. Wow, for something that supposedly doesn't exist, bigfoot sure makes a lot of money. There are people who make a living with bigfoot. Bigfoot is a multi-million dollar industry,