Thursday, May 19, 2016

HUGE Bigfoot Expedition Kicks Off July 1st In BC

From the Trace Unknown youtube channel:

2016 Canada Day - (v.2) July 1st, Canadians will be enjoying Canada Day celebrations everywhere, but for the town of Houston, a little history will ALSO be made. For the first time, a massive Bigfoot expedition is set to take place outside of the town of Houston. For more information, go to


  1. TRAPPER expert Bigfoot hunter from the AIMS team saying -
    BIGFOOT - SO what we know so far –
    Bigfoot builds hooches
    Bigfoot makes fire
    Bigfoot cooks meats
    Bigfoot marks their territory
    Bigfoot makes and uses maps
    Bigfoot stores food
    Bigfoot buried their dead

    1. TRAPPER expert Dogman hunter from the AIMS team saying -
      Dogman - SO what we know so far –
      Dogman builds hooches
      Dogman makes fire
      Dogman cooks meats
      Dogman marks their territory
      Dogman makes and uses maps
      Dogman stores food
      Dogman buried their dead

    2. Why does Wild Bill wear such tight pants ?

    3. Wild Bill bein and ol marine needs them tight pants for a quick advance into the bush ....
      getting them Bigfoots and the JOB done

    4. Dogman sticks to frisbees.

    5. Who wants to place a bet whether they come back with a body? Anyone? Anyone?

    6. Does anyone honestly believe this will result in proof?