Saturday, May 28, 2016

Encounters With Bigfoot While Investigating A Property

From Sasquatch Chronicles

It's a double hitter this weekend! SC EP:211 is coming! I am in the process of uploading it to the site. Here is EP:210 with Dan Baker who describes an encounter while investigating a property. Tomorrow I will have this available in a YouTube version! Dan Baker will be my guest on Sunday. Dan will be sharing with us his personal encounter. Dan writes “I was a 12 year old boy in 1967 when Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin made the historic film of “Patty” in Bluff Creek California. I always sat with my mom and dad in the evenings to watch the news. One evening, I saw that epic film of a large, hairy creature walking away from the camera. That was the film that sparked a lifelong interest in bigfoot. Over the years, I watched as many films and documentaries as I could and read about as much. The Internet allowed me to further my research, in some areas but I needed to start getting into the field, which I did along with my wife, Sue. On June, 6, 2013, I finally had a night time sighting through my night vision in Carroll County, Ohio. Soon after that, I began researching anthropology, paleoanthropology, and primatology in an effort to piece together possibilities of just what these creatures might be. Studying early hominids and great apes has given me a better understanding of bipedalism as well as an idea of how it works.


  1. It's odd how Bigfoot is the only fringe topic where its "skeptics" are more demented and obsessed than its "believers".

  2. It's odd how Bigfoot is the only fringe topic where its "believers" are more demented and obsessed than Scientologists or cannabals

    1. ^
      Uh oh..One of those demented and obsessed ISF'ers settled in for a night of internet Bigfooting.

  3. Its odd how cannibals is the only fringe topic where its "demented" are more believers and obsessed than... wait lemme start over..

  4. Was this blog around during the Rick Dyer saga? If so, were all the believers believing him?