Friday, May 20, 2016

Bigfoot Researcher's Journal "Florida's Bigfoot Dilemma"

From the youtube channel of Crypto Reality:
"Florida's Bigfoot Dilemma" Clearer Images of Bigfoot Season 3 Episode 4

Sasquatch, Bigfoot, Skunk ape, Bush Indian, Booger, Hairy Giant, Wild humans, Whatever you want to call them, they're real. Crypto Reality's "The Bigfoot Researcher's Journal" Season 3 Episode 4

To watch episode, click here.


  1. Dogman Researcher's Journal "Florida's Dogman Dilemma"

  2. Replies
    1. I guess your stupid mother dropped you on your head as a baby some 2years ago. Only a JagOff would say something that pointless and stupid. You do know that right kid?

    2. your the jackoff gaybo....only a complete dipshit would think that every discolored leaf or bush is a 8ft know that right boy?

    3. Paredolia definitely exists and is a factor.

      But when Mark captures a full-face image at close range with facial articulation evident like eyes panning, eyes blinking and mouth movements all of which are expressive of very clear human emotions of fear, wonderment and anger the probability of the image being paredolia diminishes drastically.

      Paredolia images typically disappear when panning, tilting or zooming so it is fairly easy to eliminate them.

      Mark only actually mentions or highlights a very small number of the images that can be found in his videos. If you look for yourself you will be astonished at what is in there.

  3. It's odd how Bigfoot is the only fringe topic where its "skeptics" are more demented and obsessed than its "believers"

    1. Do you climax every time you post this same comment?

    2. what do you expect 6:48, these guys are freaking out because THE BOOGIE MAN IS REAL!!!!!!!! AAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!

    3. It is clear that Mark made the right decision to suppress commentary on YT. The inanity of many of the comments is really just a distraction and not adding value.

      I understand people are going to be resistant to the assertion that a relic hominoid population of archaic humans has continuously populated south Florida for eons but it is a fact.

      The white-hot anger should be directed at the government which is clearly aware of what is in their Wildlife Management Areas, the archeologists who have promulgated a false story of human evolution and the anthropologists who have refused to consider the field data. Modern science has betrayed us.