Tuesday, April 5, 2016

"TimberGiantBigfoot" Believes He Caught Something On New Video

From the youtube channel of timbergiantbigfoot:

Often I go out and record but do not upload that days footage . But , sometimes I post the footage if I think I see something that was missed while out in the forest during recording . This is one of those videos that I see something or someone and decided to post it . See if you can find what I think I have seen here .
You'll have to watch closely .


  1. Replies
    1. I suspect bigfoot are largely nocturnal but would be able to adapt in certain situations just in the same way that many people in modern society work nights xx

    2. like them homeless folk living in the woods and off the grid

    3. timbergiantbigfoot ?

      Isn`t he the guy that has been found out hoaxing a number of times ?

      I expect that Joketomi will be thrilled he`s said he`s filmed something...but then again, we all know he is a moron.

  2. muzzrats inda boosh shure is

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