Outdoorsmen Talk About Bigfoot Encounters In Wisconsin

From Bigfoot Eyewitness Radio:

Joe and Joey live in Southern Wisconsin and are both, avid outdoorsmen. They used to think they knew about everything they could encounter, in the Wisconsin woods. That all changed when a series of events that started in 1999 took place. Now they realize that there are creatures in the woods most people there don't know about.

To listen to episode, click here.


  1. Does anyone want to know more about my encounter with Iktomi's delicious Welsh arse ?


  2. https://lindagodfrey.com/2016/04/22/another-u-k-unknown-canine/

  3. I live in southeastern Wisconsin. We do have the Beast of Bray Road that lives in the Kettle Moraine state park. Many eyewitnesses have seen it over the years. Look it up on Google.


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