Friday, April 1, 2016

Finding Bigfoot Delves Into The Realm Of The Supernatural Sasquatch

This season the Finding Bigfoot crew take on a familiar subject with a new twist. This time they will be looking into the supernatural and paranormal side of bigfooting. Some believe bigfoot to be a supernatural entity, and not just an animal like every other mammal on the planet. Will this new outlook produce results?

Animal Planet's hit show, "Finding Bigfoot" returns this season as the Bigfoot Field Research Organization (BFRO) investigates new theories and never before squatched locations as they share the journey with another group of bigfooters. Ranae Holland— a member of BFRO who does not believe in Bigfoot— and Cliff Barackman—a sasquatch field researcher— spoke with FOX411 to shed some insight into what viewers can expect from this season.

“We feature the weirder paranormal side of bigfooting,” Barackman explained. “I don’t think there is anything supernatural or spiritual about Sasquatch in anyway, I think they are a perfectly normal species of biological animal, but so many people out there do think there is something on the weird side going on with them. We thought it was about time to explore and look at some of those things, so we invited in a team who specialize in the paranormal side of things and we took them bigfooting.”

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    1. ^ would be the "stupidfriends" of the site

      the joetomi`s and his guises etc

  2. The only monkey in this episode was Bobo's dog.

    But I watched it and it was kinda fun.

  3. I'm not sure, but I think they find bigfoot...

    Belated April Fools!

  4. So this was a real thing? This episode actually happened? It wasn't an April Fools prank after all?

    That's just sad.

  5. Maybe they all drift off into another dimension and don`t come back...?

    Awww shame it didn`t work

  6. Why don't they just go into the bigfoot hot spots with machine guns and grenades.

  7. At least they are consistently stupid. Ghosts do not exist, and neither does bigfoot!

  8. They open a portal into the 9th dimension where bigfoot frolics between the forests of our world the deranged geometries of higher dimensional spaces.

    Squatch movements through these portals have been reported to cause sunspots as they enter our world to tear off deer legs using torsion-ripping techniques.

  9. The Animal Planet executives in charge of the Finding Bigfoot show have confirmed that in this season the Finding Bigfoot crew actually finds a bigfoot.