Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Check Out The Trailer For The Virginia Bigfoot Conference

Coming up this August is the Virginia Bigfoot Conference in Hungry Mother State Park. Check out this great line up of speakers so far:


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    1. Slipping out of Iktomi identity, now she's Twinkle Wheese Toffy.

      The best Bigfoot evidence to date:

    2. Shut up Mark. Your Bigfoot sucks and your channel is sh it.

    3. Mark Anders for president !!

    4. President of the shi tty Bigfoots.

    5. Blo w me Mark. Your Bigfoots are a joke.

    6. The Patterson Hoax is for Joes

    7. @4:15, JANE GOODALL "Being a romantic, I have always fantasized that a sasquatch would abducte me and ravish me time and time again.
      I pray sasquatch are real"

      WOW ..JUST WOW !!

    8. Stuart Stuart Stuart

      Just when we thought there was no more left of your little brain to melt down.

      You make fukishema look like a cup of spilled tea. It's like all that is left is a rusty broken hinge flapping in the breeze of your meaningless words. What a pathetic troll you have become. Just when we thought that you could not be any more disgusting.

    9. + 1000000000000000000!

      I may copy and paste this for days! Epic!!

    10. HAA HAAA HAA , I must have struck a nerve!!
      Yes,Yes,Yes.. U "JOES"!!

      Stuart.. lol

  2. >>WOW!!!!!!!

    I sent that idiot into a total tailspin again.

    Iktomi/joe again is confusing other random people we me.

    And All I did was paste/copy his hero Dr. Sykes's professional opinion that the PG film is a hoax.

    What a joke this tool is. Go on "chick" and role play. Bt understand the person behind joe/iktomi is a personal with serious mental issues.

    1. Awe heck , 5:33 . That is old news and a givin bro. the simple fact of the matter is, Iktomi is nothing more than A friggin ,,,,
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    2. ^^^^ meltdown of all your personalities

    3. Did you notice how angry he is? Ha ha ha!! I've got him in my pocket, ha ha ha!!

      Sykes is a professional, unfortunately not in the field of video analysis, primatology, anthropology or wildlife biology, which is what he would require to offer any credible opinion on what we see in the PGF.

      Sounds like ">>>" boy is having a little meltdown.

    4. He's pretty wild tonight Iktomi. He'll pass out soon I am guessing.

  3. not mark you babbling mongoloid...but by all means keep up the moronic drivel that spews out of your 3 toothed inbred mouth