Friday, March 25, 2016

Virginia Paranormal Team Tries Their Luck At A Bigfoot Investigation

From the youtube channel of Virginia Paranormal:

Virginia Paranormal Investigations investigates a knocking sound coming from the woods in Historic Yorktown, Va. Could the source be Bigfoot or spirits calling out? Or is there a natural explanation?


  1. So, they have graduated from not finding ghosts to not finding Bigfoots?

    1. Dude, bigfoot can just go through portals when they see trackers. Heard of the third dimension? Study science much? Skeptics are so dumb.

    2. I've never seen a sceptic around here? What do they look like?

    3. 12:43 looks like your observational skills are lacking. That calls into question anything you say.

  2. Newbies. You can't live with them, you can't live without them.

    Those are Bigfoot branch breaks, foot stops and other assorted noises that they make. Good luck on finding the source because they are invisible as you speak. They can make those noises while invisible. They are just toying with you. This is a fun game for them and they are not trying to scare you. They can move through dense impenetrable forest, without making a single noise. They do it while invisible and exist in a dimension that the vegetation does not exist in. Forget the kids spirit idea. That sounds like complete nonsense. Human spirits hang out around buildings that they lived in, not the forest. You newbies do get kudos for not panicking like what real Bigfoot researchers do, and getting the heck out of dodge.