Tuesday, March 8, 2016

UFO's Aren't The Only Strange Things Spotted In Texas

From the cw33.com website:

Plenty of folks claim to have seen UFO’s in the Lone Star skies, but aliens aren’t the only visitors who don’t like having their picture taken. Did you know Bigfoot has been sighted in Texas!? But, no selfies, sorry! If you want to join the search for “America’s King Kong” there are actual group expeditions as well as a “Bigfoot hotline.”


  1. sometimrs BUCK from the AIMS team be speaking and you thinking its Huckleberry, so you thinking that's Huckleberry jabberin in the boosh but its really BUCK catterwallin in the boosh

  2. that's because the GRAYS have and underground fortress in Texas ... BUSH, CRUZ and Rubio been knowing it for years

  3. Alien Craft Caught In Motorist's Dashcam Footage 3/8/16