Saturday, March 19, 2016

Top 5 Incredible Stories From Mulder's World [3-19-2016]

Watch: Rodeo mishaps are brutal

Here are some fascinating stories from, the front page of the strange and unexplained:
Watch: Baboons and Chimps don't get along

Watch: Dam breaks in Brazil causing massive flash flood

Watch: Sea Lion yells like a man

Watch: Marvel's new Luke Cage trailer


  1. Replies
    1. Why thank you Iktomi!! Sorry- none left for Dmaker.

    2. My god TCT !!! Just think if the barrier wall collapsed between the chimps and the baboons !! HOLY CRAP!!
      Lol !!

    3. Looked to me like that chimp was going to pluck that baboons little arm right off and start slapping the cage with it. Crazy set up for sure 11:00

    4. those rodeo guys are crazy ... how many end up buckin` wheelchairs ?