Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The Minnesota Iceman: Bigfoot On Ice Or The Missing Link?

In May of 1967, Frank Hansen first exhibited in the midwest, his strange creature frozen in a block of ice. It was preserved in a refrigerated coffin, and the coffin lid was made of glass. Though the ice was partly cloudy, it was clear enough to identify the creature as neither ape nor man, but a curiosity that was half-way in-between. This "man thing" was almost completely covered in dark hair, except for the face, the soles of his feet, and the palms of its hands.


  1. Here is another gift for you- enjoy:


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  2. That dude in the video needs a good azz whoopin.

  3. The original iceman may have well been a real cryptid / I do trust the expertise of both Sanderson and dr Bernard Heuvelmans when they said after examining it they stated it was a real dead creature. It was replaced by a wax dummy soon after and the one on display right now is not the original one. What happened to the original is a mystery


  4. Of course the original Ice Man is "missing."

    It was always a fake.

    1. ^ more like your brain has been missing since birth !