Thursday, March 17, 2016

Something Took The Sandwiches From Inside The Tent

Robert Dodson is back out in the woods at his primary research location. He hears something walking around in the woods, and tries to capture footage of whatever it is, but something even stranger is going on. Something took the sandwiches from the tent. Good thing he had a camera in there.


  1. yous stupitt foolss yous all iss

  2. Someone make me some samiches...

  3. Annnnnnnnn this video was about what..........

  4. I swear Robert sounds like Karl Childers in Sling Bade. I bet he will use french fried potaters as bait next.

  5. Yet another bigfoot "researcher" who doesn't know how trail cameras work. Of course the camera behind the mirror didn't get anything. The mirror was blocking its heat motion sensor. And he forgets to put a memory card in the other camera? And he says he has footage from the in tent camera bat hasn't uploaded?

    This is why real science thinks bigfoot "research" is retarded. Because it is.

    Get it together people. This is pathetic.

    1. There is nothing to get together. That would mean the end of Bigfoot research. Pathetic will live on forever.

  6. Ouch! But a fair point: it does get rather tiring when YET ANOTHER "We were so close!" account blames a mix of ever present bad luck and incompetence. Not a single clear photo but a thousand "We nearly did"s....