Thursday, March 3, 2016

Skeptic Checks Out Area In Florida With Several BFRO Reports

The Legends Beware channel on youtube produces some great videos. In this one they head to Sumter County Florida, and do some nosing around in the Richloam Wildlife Management Area. The BFRO has several reports coming from there.


  1. Skeptics list of mistakes:

    1. Going in the daytime and expecting to see a Bigfoot if any were there.
    2. Expecting to see a Bigfoot, when in reality, they are invisible most of the time. And I mean not just camouflage, real invisibility where they can stand 3 feet away from you and you will not know that they are there, unless you are an expert at detecting them like me.
    3. Having a video camera running and expecting to a see a Bigfoot if they are there. Bigfoot can hear cameras running at 100 yards away, and take whatever precautions are needed to not get photographed, especially invisibility.
    4. Talking in that creepy narrators voice that will scare the poop out of any Bigfoot.
    5. Failing to stick around for it to get dark.

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