Thursday, March 17, 2016

Sasquatch Chronicles Celebrates 200th Episode!

The most popular podcast on the subject of bigfoot, Sasquatch Chronicles, just recently released the shows 200th episode! Wes Germer and his brother Woody started the podcast to give people a platform to share their own bigfoot encounter stories, and the show instantly became a hit. Congratulations to Wes for reaching a major milestone!

Mar 14SC EP:200 The 200th Show Part Two

Tonight researcher Brenda Harris stops by to say hi and talk about what is going on around the reservation in New Mexico.

Brenda shares an encounter that happened on the reservation when two young men hit a small Sasquatch with their truck and the events that took place afterwards. Brenda also shares with us some recent encounters of Sasquatch looking in the windows of peoples homes and what she advises witnesses to do to make these creatures leave.

I also welcome Duke, Duke stops by to say hi to the audience and also shares an encounter he has not shared before when he was younger with his cousin.

My final guests tonight are the Bigfoot Outlaw, Coonbo, Bear and Matt. This will conclude my 200th show!

To listen to the show, click here.


  1. Replies
    1. 200 th episode huh !!

      D`ya fink they`ll find him in 200 years ?

    2. thinking more like BOBO he a BIGFOOT GURU

    3. 200th episode of not finding bigfoot.

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    5. sometimes leprechauns looking like BIGFOOTS so you thinking that's a BIGFOOT over there but its a leprechaun

    6. Wes is not finding Sasquatch, Sasquatch is found.

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