Saturday, March 12, 2016

Possible New Footage Of Florida Bigfoot Caught On Video

The following video was uploaded on the Bigfoot Encounters youtube channel, and is titled 
Sasquatch (Skunk Ape) Caught On Tape In Florida USA 2016.
You can definitely see a large, bipedal creature, uniform in color, as it moves through what looks like grassy swampland. Check it out:


  1. Costume look at the neck, def not a BF,,,

  2. It looks like somebody out for a walk.

    It seems such a waste of time even watching these any longer.All of them are highly suspect in one way or another.Surely if a person thought there was a bigfoot striding along they would try to get a better shot especially when the thing is not being aggressive.The whole scene is just a sorry saga of stupid people trying to pass off normal events as something spectacular.It is a terrible shame.

    Next !

    1. Yes- please go away and waste no more of your valuable time here. We wont miss you.