Encounter With The Ohio Grassman

On July 4th, 2012, in Morgan County, Ohio, a couple had a terrifying encounter with the creature known as the Ohio Grassman. The Grassman is a regional name for bigfoot living in the state of Ohio, and encounters with these creatures date back for decades.


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    1. ^ just "thinks" ?

      No wonder there`s never definitive proof of bigfoot if the above is the calibre of observation.

    2. mebbe 1;19 is the Ohio "assman"

    3. ^ you is right on the money boy , he is known for having no deductive prowess at all

      ho ho ho ha ha ha hee hee hee hah hah hah

      piddly poo

    4. old Mountain Monster AIMS team has had a few run ins with old Mr. Grassman, Trapper said that the Grassman is more powerful , more aggressive , and smarter than any BIGFOOT the AIMS team has ever encounter -

    5. The only proof you need is in the easily observable data, to which shouldn't be there if what's reported to exist doesn't. And while this data is not definitive proof to mainstream science, we all know what evidence for what's reported means.

      Who have to be without agenda and or intelligent to understand than data though.

    6. ^ people need to be genius to comprehend your last sentence.

    7. "You have to be without an agenda, and or intelligent enough to understand that data though."

      I would apologise, but I stoop way too low in the first place.

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  4. The grass man has been reported for centuries not decades.

  5. And encounter with the Colorado Grassman results in the munchies.

  6. That is what is called a root ball, you can see the pushed over tree in the background. It's basically the bottom of that uprooted tree.


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