Bigfoot Encounter At Fort Lewis Military Facility

Fort Lewis, Washington U.S. Army Military Installation Bigfoot encounter 1977 & 1978

In 1978, Edwin Godoy was an E-4 soldier with the U.S. Army commissioned to Fort Lewis, in Washington State.

Fort Lewis is located next to a forested area in that western state. Mr. Godoy was also an expert marksman who came out as the third best marksman in the U.S. Army for that year. One night, as his platoon was returning in a truck from some war games in the forest, the truck malfunctioned and lost all power.

The Encounter.

Impossible to make it start, the acting commander decided to return to the base by foot with the soldiers and ordered Godoy — as he was the one who had signed for taking out the truck — to stay and guard it until morning, when a tow unit from the base would be sent to pick up him and the vehicle.

To Godoy this was somewhat irregular, as normally, two men would be ordered to do this. Anyway, the others left at about 8:00 P.M. and he remained there with the truck.

At about 12:15 A.M. he noticed a figure some 300 meters away from him, standing next to some pine trees in the forest. What shocked Godoy was the size of the figure — it was very tall — and its body was completely covered with hair.

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  1. Huge thanks and love go to our military members!

  2. What a s hit story. Military and Police lie about sightings all the time. They make a mockery of bigfoot. F uck them all I reckon.


    1. F uck them all you reckon ?

      Surely - just the good looking ones ?

    2. The ugly ones too. I'm no oil painting myself. Put a rock hard c ock in my freckle and I don't care what you look like.


    3. the parasite known as Fake Joe rears his ugly head today.
      He really needs to be back in his rubber padded cell and off his nanny's laptop


    4. ^ i think his nanny is sitting on his lap legs astride ... hut hut hut

  3. There are some Bigfoot stories which sound feasible. This is not one of them. I served in the Army from 1973 - 1976 and none of the details as described sound right. I openly call bullshit on this one.


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