Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Animals Go Missing On Arizona Ranch - Is Bigfoot To Blame?

Strange occurrences happen on a ranch in Arizona, and bigfoot might be the culprit. Livestock and pets disappear with no explanation. One dog, a watchdog that the owner claims wasn't afraid of anything, was found with its neck broken, and thrown up into the limbs of a tree.


  1. First for AZ and the mogellen rim the home of big reds cousins


  2. They have a cougar problem, not bigfoots. Cats kill their prey by biting the neck and breaking it. They don't necessarily leave any claw or tooth marks. And cats will stash their prey in a tree fork to keep it away from coyotes and other scavengers.

  3. I agree anon 12:35 BUT, Sas also will put animals up in trees and will actually STUFF canines THROUGH forks and naturally occurring holes in trees as I have shown in one of my videos. I think. They need to elaborate more.

    1. But cats cache their prey like that too. Somethimes they will really wedge it in. They've been seen to do it. Nobody has ever documented a bigfoot doing this. All they've done is find probable cat caches and assumed they were done by bigfoot.

    2. Kids, Kids!
      You're both right so calm down:
      Without more detailed elaboration, cougar kills can't be ruled out. Simple.

  4. Its really a big problem for the ranches of Arizona, so the government need to aware about it and take necessary steps to prevent it.

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