Thursday, March 24, 2016

After This Woman, The Bigfoot World May Never Be The Same

From the Crypto Blast on youtube: Vardit, The Bigfoot Yenta -

The Crypto Blast has been busy preparing new programing for this YouTube channel and we are thrilled to give you a small preview of what is to come. "Vardit, The Bigfoot Yenta" is coming! So get ready because she will answer all your questions about Bigfoot and dole out some much needed advice for the average and infamous Bigfooter. No one is safe from Vardit's lashing tongue! #askvardit


  1. The bigfoot world has been the exact same for half a century. Watch 1975's "Bigfoot: Man or Beast?" and tell me how it's any different from any episode of today's "(Not) Finding Bigfoot".

    Same old same old.

    1. And in all that time you haven't found something else to do? Wow... Just wow.

    2. You really think that everyone else is as constantly obsessed with this nonsense as you?

      To most of us bigfoot is just an entertaining diversion.

    3. You're here every day of your life worried about what other people think... That's a serious issue brother. You're not so much obsessed with the topic, you'd be better versed if that's the case. You just worry what cleverer people think... That's a cyber Nazi if ever I've seen one.

  2. This lady is not bringing the kind of evidence James Shoutin & Poutin Wilson is looking for! Come on!

  3. Will someone please punch her in the face?!