Monday, February 15, 2016

Virtual Tour Of Expedition Bigfoot! The Sasquatch Museum

From the Legends Beware youtube channel:

My first time at the amazing new, "Expedition Bigfoot!" The Sasquatch Museum. Thank you David Bakara for letting me film here!


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  2. It's quite unfortunate how Bigfoot/Sasquatch has been portrayed throughout the years. With the way society and the culture views things currently, Bigfoot, until being proven by science via DNA sequencing or a type specimen, will never be accepted as more than a campfire story, and a way to make money off shows and little trinkets. Additionally, witnesses such as I find it disheartening and discouraging to see the amount of ridicule and humor we get on a daily basis. I have a feeling that the "Tipping Point" for Bigfoot to be accepted culturally even after proof has been given and accepted by mainstream science, will be about 10-15 years.

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