Friday, February 12, 2016

Sightings Of These Kids Are Way More Creepy Than Bigfoot

The Crypto Blast recently posted a video on youtube about an encounter with black-eyed children. Some believe these children with their solid black eyes are evil. Are they spirits, demons, aliens, or something else? Check out the video:


  1. Nothing is more creepy than the trolls on this blog!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Funny how so many people see things like this after reading on the internet about other people seeing things like this. I wish people into self delusion were more creative.

    1. 12:03. Are you saying us mohawks are lying girly boys?? Well just so happens I am done with my research!!
      I will post a link to all you city bred wanna be researchers to my 2 books!

      John jones spoke.

    2. And sasquatch are all vegatarian and bury thier dead 89-97ft ONLY in northern white pine!! You pasty faced city bred "GIRLY BOYS!!

      john jones Spoke!

    3. Gee,John...I hope your books have a decent editor that can use grammar and can punctuate, correctly.