Friday, February 19, 2016

Ohio Bigfoot Hunter Does Some Mobile Scouting In Bigfoot Hot Spot

Tim Stover of Ohio doesn't let a pesky thing like a major snowfall stop him from getting out there and trying to solve the mystery. In this video we ride along as he does some mobile scouting in an area of ongoing bigfoot activity.


  1. So where has that idiot non believer but visits this site daily been? I don't miss ya! I just hope they gave you the boot loser.

  2. Hello Zabo. I used to be a frequent visitor to this blog, but have been quite busy so not around much lately. Nice to meet you. Hope you're well.

  3. According to Rumpley's Believe it or Don't: Tim Stover's grandfather was the famous firefighter Smokey Stover. His saying, "Where there's Foo there's fire," was the source for the name given to the WW II UFO phenomenon known as "Foo Fighters." Believe it or don't.