Monday, February 15, 2016

New Images Of Australian Sasquatch Raise Some Questions

Youtuber Jason H posted the following images in a video recently, showing what he claims to be snapshots of an Australian bigfoot, also known as the yowie. At first look the images aren't as bad as most we see. There's is certainly something the right color and shape in the images. But I have to wonder how he got so many pictures of the same creature standing in the same spot, but from different angles. Bigfoot photo shoot?


  1. If you believe this. Seek help!
    If you believe in magical monkey creatures. Seek help!
    If your name is joe. Seek help!

    These blokes are flogs but Aussies rule!
    Go the Lions!!!!!

    1. Yes ! Go Detroit lions !!!

      And that is one big monkey in that pic


    2. Go Brisbane Lions!!!!
      No such things as Yowies. I can guarantee that. If you can make money of them. I say go for it. There's a lot of suckers around. Aka Joe/Itkomi.