Monday, February 29, 2016

Man Spots Three Amphibious Humans On Beach

Do amphibious humans really exist? Well, I guess if they are amphibious, they probably aren't exactly human. Reports of the Loveland Frogman are fairly well known in the cryptid community, but this report of three frog-like humanoid creatures comes from across the pond (pun intended) in the Brighton area of East Essex. reports:

BRIGHTON, England — A 26-year-old man says he came upon three humanoid creatures on the beach in East Essex.

The Judokan teacher on Wednesday told Cryptozoology News that he was walking his way home along the seafront pavement in Brighton at 10:30 p.m. when the event took purportedly took place.

“I stopped to light a cigarette and heard noises towards the sea, other than the waves,” the man, who provided a full name but requested anonymity, said about last Saturday’s encounter. “The sounds were very strange, a kind of wheezing oge,oge noise.”

The eyewitness reports that, concerned about someone choking, he went and took a look over the railing.

“I then shouthed ‘hello!’ and that’s when I saw three small figures stand up from what I guess was a prone position , all three stared for a few second , then lept back down and turn and crawled into the sea,” he recalls about the incident.

The amphibious creatures, he said, were about 3-feet-tall and exhibited a “wide head” with “large eyes”.

“I could clearly see in the dark . They seemed to move in a way which suggested a strange and flexible bone structure , they lept up onto two legs quickly and, just as quickly, into a prone almost frog-like position.”

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