Creepy Footage Of Cave Creature Emerges

Caves are scary places in general, but add some sort of creepy, wall-crawling creature, and I'm out. The creatures in the movie "The Descent" were extremely scary, but this video shows that those creatures might actually exist.


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    1. Right back atcha!!! Pretty good movie, The Descent.

    2. Is the title "The Descent" a reference to Joerg going down on NC for a BJ?

    3. Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico - a massive 14 acre space filled with unusual calcium-carbonate cave formations. More underground rooms go beyond, for more than 30 miles, and those are the ones that have been explored. The deepest chamber is 1,027 feet below the surface.

      Mammoth Cave, Kentucky - the Mammoth Cave is the world's longest-known cave system with over 285 miles of surveyed cave passageways.

      Caverns of Sonora, Texas - 150 ft. deep and 20,000 ft. long.

      Luray Caverns, Virginia - has cathedral-sized rooms with 10-story-high ceilings filled with towering stone columns formed over millions of years ago by underground rivers and acid-bearing water cutting through the limestone and clay.

      Niagara Cave, Minnesota - gets its name because the 60 ft. waterfall inside the cave coined by early explorers. An echo chamber a 20-ft.-tall limestone island called the Battleship. But best of all, there is a wedding chapel inside the cave, which has seen over 400 wedding ceremonies performed.

      Ellison’s Cave, Georgia - located in the Northwest Georgia, is notable for its breathtaking depth of 1,063 feet and length of 64,030 feet. Ellison's is the 12th deepest cave in the U.S., but has two of deepest cave drops in the continental U.S. "Fantastic," drops 586 feet --big enough to hold the Washington Monument, and "Incredible," drops 440 feet.

      Jewel Cave, South Dakota - with just over 157 miles of navigated passageways, Jewel Cave is the third longest known cave system in the world, after Mammoth Cave in Kentucky and Sistema Sac Actun in Mexico.

      Meramec Caverns, Missouri - is a 4.6-mile cavern system in the Ozarks that was famously once a hide out of outlaw Jessie James. It’s also the most largest cave in Missouri, in a state filled with some 6,000 caves.

      ... NC! How many more underground cave systems are out there that we do not know of, where something could hide?

    4. I guess if you believe that nine foot tall red haired European giants lived in the Americas for millennia, you'll latch onto any absurd theory!

    5. Too many to count, old friend. Hauled another load of furniture up to my new mountain house yesterday. My neighbor told me one night he was relaxing in his living room when out of the corner of his eye he saw a black mountain lion looking right at him through his sliding screen door, hissing and bearing its teeth. I thought he may have been over-exaggerating until I looked this up:

      The 2nd paragraph is my neighborhood.

    6. "Relaxing in his living room" is a yokel euphemism for "fried out of his mind on 'shrooms"!

    7. That's a fascinating read NC!! The UK has LOADS of these reports, and you wouldn't think anything of the sort would be there!

    8. More good stuff, right here:

    9. DNA doesn't say anything at all, Joe. However, the ones who analyze it and interpret the results can lie or make mistakes.

    10. This comment has been removed by the author.

    11. If it's interpreted correctly.

    12. I think anyone with half a brain would agree that DNA is pretty much essential... And you must live in a paranoid world if you think Durham University would have anything to gain by lying. Innumerable instances of physical evidence can't be mistaken either. If only you were this sceptical when you followed Biscardi around and vouched for his credibility around here, eh?

    13. A University is neither capable of telling the truth or lying, Joe. Individuals who work at a university are capable of telling the truth, lying or making mistakes. Remember how Stanley Pons of the University of Utah claimed to have discovered cold fusion?

    14. Go easy on him haints, Joerg struggles mightily with basic grammar.

    15. Unfortunately for you Haints, The Bio Sciences Lab in Essex, also confirmed a batch of hair sent in by Nigel Pound of Lincolnshire Police belonged to a member of the big cat family. A lab in the U.S. supported their conclusion. Are the Humberside Police, the first force in England to officially admit that they believe big cats are at loose in the countryside in on this lie too?
      "The force's wildlife officer, Sue Rhodes, made an admission to BBC Inside Out. She's dealing with more than 80 reports of big cats around the market towns of Driffield and Hessle. Many sightings were on the picturesque Yorkshire Wolds. Sue says, "I think perhaps we’re dealing with two cats at least."

      ... So many people "lying", yet you couldn't see one of the biggest hoaxers in this subject right under your nose. Yeah Haints... Go easy on me.

    16. I've noticed lktomi rarely misses a chance to throw up Biscardi to haints but I know damn well I have read him give support or credence to some of the most suspect people involved with the subject of Bigfoot. If I wasn't so busy I would go back and look for those posts and prove it.

    17. ^`re a hypocrite and a person of very low moral stance.

      Sorry,but there you have it.

    18. 3:14

      do you know that Japanese scientists have recently analysed ancient bones and bone fragments that are "human" and up to 5 times the size of modern human .. these bones are exactly the same anatomically as modern human but much much larger .

    19. 12:22... You're so stupid and bad at insulting other people, you have to use what people have referred to yourself as insults.

      12:37... Do you have a link?

    20. Iktomi why are you such a c@ck sucker? Get out of your moms basement and get a life!

    21. Surely you could have been more creative than that?

  2. What Joerg dishonestly omitted from the Durham University study was the following:

    "The researchers point out in their paper that Eurasian lynxes existed in the wild in Britain many hundreds of years ago, but had almost certainly become extinct by the 7th century. Laboratory analysis of the Bristol specimen’s bones and teeth established it had been kept in captivity long enough to develop severe tooth loss and plaque before it either escaped or was deliberately released into the wild. Ancient DNA analysis of hair from the lynx proved inconclusive, possibly due to chemicals applied to the pelt during taxidermy."

    The only thing that was established was that some people kept big cats (that were not native to Britain) as pets earlier than the 1960's and 70's.

    Whether or not big cats exist in Britain is irrelevant to the proven fact that Joerg will outright lie about his sources to support his wacky ideas.

    It's also interesting that Joerg deleted the original post in which he claimed that Durham University supposedly has a "Fortean Research" department!

    1. "A Westcountry-based organisation with a worldwide following last night announced that it has two crucial elements of proof which confirm the belief that big cats live in the region – and that they have done so for at least a century. The Centre for Fortean Zoology (CFZ), based at Woolfardisworthy, is staging its annual conference this weekend and organisers kicked off proceedings by unveiling evidence that they claim proves big cats were running wild in Devon over 100 years ago – and that they are still here today. The evidence includes the body of a lynx that was shot in mid-Devon just over a century ago, and leopard hairs and plaster-cast paw prints found recently near Woolfardisworthy that have been positively identified by independent experts. Jonathan Downes, director of CFZ, told the Western Morning News: “We showed the lynx to various people last night and Dr Darren Naish and student Max Lake will be explaining its story this weekend. It is absolutely fascinating and it proves big cats are not a new thing. “Max discovered the lynx in the archives of Bristol Museum and realised the importance of it,” said Mr Downes. “The animal was shot over 100 years ago in mid-Devon and that’s important because it proves there have been exotic cats in British countryside for many years. “This animal has provenance – we have the date, time and the name of the person who presented it to the museum. This is a breakthrough,” he added saying that the stuffed body was of an animal smaller than a Euro-Asian lynx. “It is within size the range normally equated with a Canadian lynx,” said Mr Downes. “So is it a Canadian lynx that was in captivity and escaped? Or it might be something even more interesting? There were no zoos in Devon that it could have escaped from at the time it was shot. “The Devonshire naturalist HG Hurrell – a respected columnist for the Western Morning News – suggested that lynx were living in parts of Westcountry 50 years ago – as did Professor Bernard Heuvalmann, a noted academic. We know there were lynx living in Britain 1500 years ago, but could some have survived?” Mr Downes said the next move was to have DNA extracted from the animal’s teeth or bone in an attempt to answer the riddle. CFZ also revealed that hairs found in woods near Woolfardisworthy had been positively identified as those of a leopard. “We had them DNA tested by Durham University and they confirmed they were leopard. This is proof that there was, as of last summer, at least one leopard apparently wild in the woodlands of North Devon,” said Mr Downes. “Local sightings have gone back an awful long time which implies there’s a population here. A few years ago a local farmer contacted us saying something had attacked one of his sheep – we saw the carcase and it had been killed in a fashion characteristic of a leopard.” Given the subject matter and that the name of his organisation’s conference is “The Weird Weekend”, did Mr Downes fear that some people might question the seriousness of the evidence? “We are not making outrageous claims,” he told the WMN. “We are not talking about sabre-toothed tigers or Loch Ness Monsters. That’s all nonsense. We are simply saying an animal can live here and adapt to the natural conditions."

      Read it and weep, Village Idiot.

    2. Ah my old and long lost friend from across the pond Jon Downes

    3. Thanks for the link, I see no reason to be convicted of the DNA result.

      Thanks again!!


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