Thursday, February 18, 2016

Bobo Catches The Attention Of His Favorite NBA Team

Bobo of Finding Bigfoot is a huge sports fan, especially basketball. Coming from the West Coast, it only makes sense that he would be a die hard... wait, he likes the Minnesota Timberwolves? He sat down for an interview, and even told a story about how his bigfoot call helped a team win.

Editor's Note: It was brought to our attention the James "Bobo" Fay from "Finding Bigfoot" is not only a huge basketball fan, but also a fan of the Minnesota Timberwolves. was able to chat with Bobo about where his fandom started and what he thinks about the up-and-coming Wolves.

KR: When did you first get into basketball? Sasquatch and hoops is an odd one-two punch. Did you play?

Bobo: My dad played in the Ivy League so we watched a lot of games with him. I played as a kid but pretty much sucked. I was kind of a point-power forward type. I was actually a decent rebounder and a good perimeter defender.

KR: I’ve heard through the grapevines (Jeff Munneke) that there’s a place in your heart for the Timberwolves even though you’re from the West Coast. Where did that start?

Bobo: I liked Kevin Love. I saw Love play in college a few times. He was kind of chubby and couldn’t jump. I was pretty amazed how he transformed himself. Thick dude and I just liked the way he boarded and balled and I am surprised he’s not doing that well in Cleveland.

I thought that was such a great trade for you guys, I thought it was just a steal that you got for Love.

KR: Have you been able to watch Minnesota’s new big guy? KAT is pretty damn good.

Bobo: I like him. He’s the best pure big man to be in the league in the last few years.

KR: I’m not sure how often you’re able to watch games or attend them, but do you have any crazy basketball stories?

Bobo: I was at a Kings game. It was when they had (Peja) Stojakovic, (Mike) Bibby, (Hedo) Turkoglu, (Chris) Webber. It was a one-point game going back and forth, changing leads probably eight times in the last three minutes and they were going against the Lakers. (Robert) Horry went to the line and right when he was about to shoot I let out a Bigfoot roar and it threw a hitch in the dude’s shot and he totally bricked it. He looked over right away in my direction probably thinking, ‘what the hell was that?’ I did it again the next shot and it wasn’t an air ball but it was close, and after the game Stojakovic came over and gave me his jersey and said I helped them win. I totally shocked the guy. We were sitting like second row.

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