Sunday, February 14, 2016

Bigfoot Investigator Explains The Events That Led To Thermal Footage Of Creature

Prehistoric Bone Hunter on youtube posted this video discussing the events that took place during a night investigation into an area. While sitting in the dark with a parabolic listening device, he heard bipedal footsteps in the ravine near by. After listening to something walking around for quite a while, he decided to set out his thermal camera. He describes what he captured:


  1. While sitting in the dark with a parabolic listening device, Bone Hunter heard bipedal footsteps. He then directed his listening device away from the Arthur Murray studio.

  2. Patty is 100% human and also autistic... aparently

  3. Hoaxes: The Bigfoot that Wasn't

    INEXPLICATA contributing editor Manuel Carballal has written on his Facebook page (El Ojo Crítico) that Spain's "Formigal Bigfoot" is simply a viral PR tool from the Madrid-based Marketing Directo company. "It will become common knowledge in a few days," he writes.

    El Yeti de Formigal, as it was dubbed in Spanish, appeared in footage allegedly recorded in the Pyrenees mountain range, separating Spain from France. The owners of the ski resort where the incident occurred supposedly combed the area for the elusive creature, "to no avail."

    A similar viral marketing campaign involving a crashed saucer caused commotion worldwide a few years ago.