Monday, February 1, 2016

A Rare Sighting Of An Albino Bigfoot With Pink Eyes

White bigfoot are certainly rare when it comes to sighting reports, but they do happen. I don't recall ever hearing of a report where the creature was an actual albino though, so this one is a first for me. The white haired and pink eyed creature was reportedly seen in Kentucky on a man's property as it attempted to steal a pet rooster.

Located in Mason County about nine miles southwest of Maysville, the small rural town Mays Lick –also known as Mayslick– is home to 1,800 people. And it is not surprising that, if a creature like a white Bigfoot really exists, it would choose to inhabit the surroundings of such a little paradise.

According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, Charles Fulton was watching TV with his family when a sudden noise on the front porch interrupted their program. Following that noise, they noticed some sort of disturbance coming from where Fulton’s son kept his pet rooster. Startled and curious to see who was roaming his property at 9.30 p.m., he took a look through the door to find a 7 foot tall, 400 pound creature with white hair and pink eyes. The animal, he said, was holding the rooster by the neck and suddenly threw it against the wall of the house. The man then allegedly grabbed a .22 caliber pistol and proceeded to chase the strange creature away, firing two shots at it.

The incident was being investigated by Doug McGill, a radio newsman at WFTM. Ron Schaffner and Earl Jones contacted McGill and were able to schedule an interview with the eyewitness.

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  1. Replies
    1. TURDS Indeed! Bigfoot TURDS are known to have parasites that are asian in oragin!

    2. ^ God only knows what squatchers would find in thier


    3. biggest fraud,lying piece of crap in this field. bar none!!! his 45 views on his 45000 youtube vid's say it all...not even photoshopping your pics got views. but i hear for 19.99 you can get an autographed bluebag


    4. So DS is touting himself as the "#1 Bigfoot Researcher". Like I said before, either he is a master troll or one dumb mf'er.

    5. 6:28, show me you aren't a Troll, and an idiot, and tell me who is the #1 researcher.

      MMG, I won't respond to a DEMON!

    6. I'm intelligent enough to know that there aren't pigmen, dogmen, and Bigfoot running around twenty feet in front of you in the bushes of PA. Like I said, a master troll or one stupid MF'er.

    7. Yeah, that's exactly what people who sit on the couch, and do ZERO research!
      I was just like you, didn't think there was anything out there except Bigfoot. I'm as innocent as a 4 year old in the woods with a camera..The last thing I ever thought I would see is Dogmen, Pigmen, ect, but I cant deny what is on film, and most are are 80-100 yards.
      I have a $40,000 truck up for grabs, to whoever can prove my pics fake...Is that a Troll? Sorry to make you, and the other Skeptics look stupid, but PLEASE prove me wrong, MMG can't...LOL

    8. Oh, and BTW, I have 3 ways of proving all of my pics are 110% legit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    9. How can you "think" your pictures are is that scientific? I would love for you to prove your pictures are legit, but I'm sure I will be disappointed.

      Assuming you aren't playing a joke on everyone, have you really analyzed what you are trying to have people believe? There are these things out there that remain hidden to everyone but you? That there are so many you see them every day? You are coming off as mentally ill- cannot you see why people would believe that?

    10. Playing a joke on everyone, are you for real? How Christian would that be?? I'm scouting almost everyday, to prove this, not to joke people, that's ridicuolus to think that! I spent years learning how to find them, years!! m in the woids for 5-10 minutes tops, I know where they hide and how they mark where they are, that's how I see them and others don't, I put MAJOR the into this.
      I don't "Think" my pics are legit, I know and can prove 110% they are legit my friend!
      I give you no reason not to believe me, I've been 100% honest, and always answer everyone's questions.

    11. How can you prove that your pictures are what you say? How exactly? You brought up scientific methods- I'm waiting for the evidence.

      Honestly I don't believe you are pulling a prank, but the shear idiocy of what you claim makes me second guess that at times.

    12. I don't want to give away all my secrets, took me years to get to where I am. I predicted people like you would think they way you do, watch this video, respond that you saw it, and I will give you another secret (already told you one, the fact that I know how they mark the woods, as to where they live)

    13. Claiming you know how they mark their territory isn't proof. You claim to be the #1 Bigfoot Researcher, yet all you have to show for it is pareidolia- that's it. Showing a bunch of trash and fallen branches means nothing.

      Nobody is asking you to give up your secrets. Besides if you are so concerned about it shouldn't you be keeping quiet about your discovery? Either poop or get off the pot. You just look like a boastful fool (that isn't very Christian by the way) otherwise.

    14. claiming how they mark the woods IS 100% PROOF, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? I spent several years in the woods with no camera, just learning/observing. I'm at least 5-10 years ahead of every never answered me on who's #1, if not me???
      I don't boast, it is fact.

      I tell people how to find them in my videos, and I'm reluctant to do so, because of the time I spent doing it.
      Only a few DESERVE to know what I learned. If you want me to share a secret, email me.

      Once again, you're making yourself look stupid by claiming my pics are Pareodalia, when I clearly told you I have 3 or more ways of solid, solid proof!

      I don't expect you to email me, what I expect is another Troll response from you, if so, just save your breath.

    15. You can claim anything you want, it doesn't make it true. Do you honestly think without some sort of scientific verification that anyone would recognize the discovery of a species?

      Sorry, but your videos ARE PAREIDOLIA. If they were nearly as good as you think they were why do you get so few views after putting up hundreds? Would you really feel comfortable knowing that your prospective patients had seen these?

      I don't really have a strong opinion on who is #1. Since no one has proven anything it's hard to call anyone particularly successful.

    16. Once again, you look stupid (and I mean that as nice as possible)
      Bushes don't have Symmetry my friend! I SHOW EVERY SINGLE PATIENT MY EVIDENCE!!! Nothing to hide! In one year I have almost 800 subscribers, and over 200,000 views, pretty good imho. If I went to the TV stations, which I plan on doing very soon, I will have more hits that I can imagine!
      Bigfoot was very popular 5-10 years ago, but has died out a lot since then.

      You are not interested in the truth, or you would email me.

    17. And another thing, I called out MK Davis, THinker Thunker, Phil Polling, and Randy Filopovic, calling them all douchebags for not proving me wrong...Every single video is posted that I pulled these pics from..Where are they???????????????????????
      I beg people to probe me wrong!! If these are bushes, anyone should be able to produce the same evidence right...LOL, NEVER, EVER , EVER, EVER HAPPEN...WHY, BECAUSE MY PICS ARE 110% LEGIT, AND I CAN PROVE IT!

    18. And another thing again, I just got 6 picture of creatures in the same tree...Did I find the Pareodalia tree (LOL)..I should find this in every tree then right? WRONG!!

    19. "In one year I have almost 800 subscribers, and over 200,000 views"

      That would be OK if you were a video blogger, but not someone posting the "best" Bigfoot videos. A single video that's reasonably good should get 200,000 views by itself.

      How can someone prove you wrong? All you have are some images that you claim to be weird creatures. It's up to you to prove that they are there. Drawing eyes, nose and mouth doesn't cut it.

      Here's a clue, if you don't see them while you are filming and it takes you or a viewer to "find" them later, it's pareidolia.

  2. Since Bigfeets can see game cameras with their infra violet vision eyes, I got me a Smell-O-Vision camera from the 1959s. I covered up the lens and Im gonna detect one by the stink alone.

  3. wow. mrs iktomi needs another full body waxing. bad.

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