Saturday, January 30, 2016

Was The Beast Of Seven Chutes A Dogman Instead Of A Bigfoot?

The Beast of Seven Chutes photo is one of the most controversial pieces of evidence in the history of bigfooting. Many feel this is undeniable proof that there are bipedal creatures lurking in the remote forests of North America. Others feel it is nothing more than an optical illusion caused by shadows and vegetation. This article discusses the possibility that the apparent creature in the photo is actually an upright canine creature, such as a dogman.

On June 1, 2005, a photo was supposedly taken of an unidentified species standing beside a waterfall in the Parc des Sept Chutes in Quebec, Canada. Amazingly, the creature appears to be holding something and is staring at the photographer, who doesn't notice it. This creature does not match the typical descriptions of the legendary Bigfoot, which is usually described a being a massive creature that resembles a human, having a conical head and a human-looking flat face. As well, the Bigfoot is not usually described as being aggressive.

The creature in the photo has several unique physical attributes that differentiates it from typical Bigfoot sightings. The creature is erect, standing on two legs and appears to be between 5-6 feet tall. It has an elongated snout that appears dog-like as well as silver hair on its head reaching to it's shoulders. The creature's body is black and the left arm is visible bent at the elbow. Quite remarkably, the creature looks to be holding a white dog.

Unlike most Bigfoot who retreat when seen, this creature is holding his ground and staring aggressively and directly at the photographer.

In August 2008, David Claerr wrote an article comparing the Beast of Seven Chutes and Dogman of Michigan:

To see what David had to say, click here.


  1. Most likely it was a giant butt dumpling. It wasn't Bigfoot or a dogman. They don't exist!!!!

    1. ^ hairy palms clenched together and looking to the heavens.

    2. joe got BLOWN THE FU CK OUT

    3. Looks like a pissed off werewolf! I'd love to meet his Taylor?

    4. "Others feel it is nothing more than an optical illusion caused by shadows and vegetation."

      I for one canm tell ypou what it definitely is is NOT an optical illusion...whichever moron came up with that is a complete prick,or more probably just a liar to say they do not see what everybody else sees and is blatantly apparent.

    5. TRAPPER from the AIMS team is ON the trail of BIGFOOT