Saturday, January 16, 2016

Top 5 Incredible Stories From Mulder's World [1-16-2016]

Watch: Stop motion haircut and shave is freaky

Here are some fascinating stories from, the front page of the strange and unexplained:
Watch: Kids, don't try this at home

Watch: Brick, washing machine, trampoline

Watch: Live news bloopers compilation

Watch: Guy freaks out in apartment lobby


  1. "Problem for a skeptic is that the eyewitness accounts are increasing every year. It's going to take forensic study to uncover the truth.

    But what's it going to take to convince anyone? DNA from an unknown primate species has already been gathered in Washington State and largely ignored.

    Whatever it is? It's a fact. What it is a fact of is the unknown. And even in the name of science, we should at least be seeking an answer for. And that will take effort."

    Les Stroud Survivorman

    1. Do you have a source of reference for these quotes, inquiring minds would enjoy checking them out.

    2. Until a body is on a slab bigfoot does NOT exist. Get a life.

    3. That is a negative proof, logical (intellectual) fallacy... Not to mention ignorant, or in your case rhetorical of the existing supporting evidence for such a creature.

      One day you might learn, however for your time spent in this subject, using the same logical fallacies, I doubt too many people will be holding their breath.

    4. Hey Iktomi! Those quotes from Les Stroud are genuine. I use my phone for talk to text direct from television. They are available on broadcast tv in America. I enjoy getting a rise out of the skeptards. Keep up the good work brother ;)

    5. Fascinating stuff mate, I particularly enjoyed the quote regarding military elite. Thank you for those and please sir, keep up the good work! Ha!!

    6. joe got blown the f#ck out!!!

    7. ^ gets a boner everytime he comes on here and sees my name mentioned