Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Tired OF Chasing Bigfoot? Try Chasing These Ghosts!

Tired of chasing bigfoot? Want to try something else for a change? How about tackling ghost hunting? Everyone knows of at least one haunted place. Here's a liust of the most haunted places in each state. Might be a good place to start.


The Sloss Furnaces were an iron-producing industrial plant that operated for almost one-hundred years from 1882 until 1971. The furnace experienced countless sordid deaths in its time, including workers who allegedly slipped and fell into the molten steel.

The plant is said to be haunted by “Slag” who was a particularly cruel foreman who worked his employees to death — oftentimes literally. One day Slag slipped from the top of the highest furnace and fell to his death. Immediately after this, and onward, people claim to hear Slag’s voice ordering them to work faster and “push more steel.” Some rumors suggest that Slag was killed by his own rioting workers.

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