Friday, January 1, 2016

This Vintage Re-Enactment Of The Ape Canyon Bigfoot Attack Is Still Creepy

In 1924 a group of miners were staying in a cabin in an area known as Ape Canyon. According to the story they were followed one evening on their way back to the cabin by a group of bigfoot creatures. Later that night, the cabin was assaulted by the creatures who threw rocks and beat on the outside of the cabin. This old re-enactment of the event is kind of freaky. 


  1. Replies
    1. Why is the MABRC SITE DOWN??
      Somthing about a bigfoot getting hit by a lifted 2003 F250... Somthing's up!!
      THIS IS REAL!!

    2. Man Is Turd Guy on vacation still? sumbitch...Must of got the tickets to the new Star~Wars.

  2. There is zero evidence that the Ape Canyon story is nothing more than a tall tale.

  3. That creepy feeling... The only evidence we need.