Saturday, January 9, 2016

This Idaho Mountain Lion Has The Strangest Deformity I've Ever Seen

A young cougar killed near Weston, Idaho has a very strange abnormality. The animal has an extra set of teeth growing out of its forehead. Experts who have looked at the photos aren't sure if the teeth are due to a conjoined twin that died or a rare type of tumor.

A mountain lion with a rare physical abnormality has wildlife officials in Southeast Idaho stumped.

The yearling cougar, which was harvested near Weston last week by an unidentified hunter, had a separate set of teeth growing out the side of its forehead. The community of Weston is located about 12 miles southwest of Preston near the Idaho/Utah border.

After the conservation officer who inspected the animal sent in photos of the lion’s deformity to Idaho Fish and Game’s Southeast Regional Office in Pocatello, wildlife biologists were stunned by what they saw.

“It has all of us scratching our heads,” said regional wildlife biologist Zach Lockyer. “It’s a bizarre situation and a bizarre photo.”

Lockyer said the teeth were growing out of hard tissue on the left side of the animal’s forehead, an abnormality local Fish and Game biologists say they have never seen before.

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