Sunday, January 31, 2016

The X-Files Bigfoot Episode

The Crypto Blast youtube channel takes a look at an old bigfoot episode of the X-Files. Now that the show has made a short return, do you think they will revisit North America's favorite cryptid? Or will the government just cover it up? The truth is out there.


  1. Replies
    1. sometimes hybrid greys looking like Men in Black, so you thinking that's the men in Black but its just hybrid greys

  2. Did you know that the REAL FBI has a "flying Disc" file, #62-83894, which contains UFO investigation files classified as "SECURITY MATTER - X." These are the real X-files! You can find them - not in historical order - at the FBI web site (Google FBI UFO). The CIA recently announced their real UFO "x" files (Google CIA UFO). These documents were released under the Freedom of Information act. They are discussed in their proper historical order and their importance is described in the book "The FBI CIA UFO Connection " (Google FBI CIA UFO)(get the book at Amazon). The truth may be "out there" but it is definitely "in here."