Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Mysterious Case Of The Bombala Hairy Man

In 1912, a rash of reports about a bigfoot type creature happened in the Bombala region of NSW, Australia. There were numerous newspaper articles about the creature, which made claims of tracks and even made mention of a capture.

Continuing my research, I came across a hairy man ‘saga’ of sorts from the Bombala region of New South Wales, Australia. There was a handful of sightings, foot prints cast and analysed and also a casual mention of a capture! I have compiled a bunch of news paper articles from around that time below.



The Border Morning Mail and Riverina Times -Albury, NSW


There is considerable excitement in the Combala. district over the reported discovery of a hairy man on Creewah Station, eighteen miles from Bombala. The owner of the station, Mr. Sydney Jephcott, telephoned on Tuesday afternoon that on Monday, while mustering stock, he observed tracks’ like human footprints,Fix this text nearly twenty inches in length and eight inches across. He sent to a Bombala storekeeper for a quantity of plaster of paris, with which to take an impression of the tracks.

A selector, named Sunimerell, living on an adjoining holding, states that in the thick bush on Tuesday he saw an enormous creature, resembling a man covered with long hair. He was carrying a big stick, and, with long leaps, made off through the bush.

A report was received later that the creature had been captured on Tuesday.

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  1. Some times you think you're looking at a bigfoot when really it is a bigfoot so you're looking at a bigfoot? xx

    1. Are there any fossil records of apes in Australia? xx

    2. Sounds about right too,Eva. Here's an interesting article about chimpanzee fossils leaving nothing behind except for teeth.

    3. Officially no primates in Australasia. The yowie does seem to be more of a mystical creature in aboriginal stories but these accounts of encounters are very intriguing.

    4. i'm intrigued as well. People are seeing something , what it is I don't know and i'd love to find out


    5. Suxin caulk is ok, As long as you don't like It!!
      Hope that quells your inner turmoil! ,,there jo jo!

    6. I think this is one of those creatures called a Bombalaclaat by our darker brethren of the world.

      ASy ay , ya bombaclaat