Sunday, January 24, 2016

Teenager Finds Giant Mystery Cat Paw Print In Australia

A 16 year old boy found a large paw print that he believes belongs to a black panther. He took a cast of the track to provide proof of his findings. Black panthers have been spotted hundreds of times over the years, but Australian officials claim there are no large cats in Australia.

A teenage boy who stumbled on a huge paw print in the mud believes he may have found proof the elusive Australian black panther exists.

Jack Tessier, 16, who found the print while four-wheel driving in Wyee, a suburb of NSW's Lake Macquarie, was so convinced of his bizarre find that he took a plaster cast impression of the print.

'I was shocked to come across it,' he told the Newcastle Herald.

'I strongly believe the area has all a panther needs to survive.'

Mr Tessier's Facebook page reveals a keen interest in 'cryptozoology' - the study of 'hidden' animals which are not said to exist due to lack of evidence.

One uploaded photo on his page is dedicated to 'The International Organisations of Cryptozoology,' while another photo reads 'Bigfoot Patrol: Yowie Division.'

Jack's father Glenn said it would be interesting to find out just what animal the footprint had come from.

'As far as the panther goes, I'm not a 100 per cent believer but I'm not going to discount it,' he said.

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    2. These big cats seem to pop up every where xx

    3. Correct Eva... I think it's mostly down to the illegal exotic animal trade.

    4. Yeah most likely Iktomi.Pople have a habit of releasing pets they no longer want.There's a few places with large ponds around where i live with red eared terrapins that have been dumped.In the news a while ago there was a snapping turtle that had been dumped in a pond in London and was biting the feet off of ducks xx

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  4. Portland Author Looking For Maine Bigfoot Sightings For New Book Bangor Daily News

    As the title tells us, if you've got a Maine Bigfoot story, there's a writer who's keen to hear about it. Michelle Souliere, author of a book and blog entitled "Strange Maine," is gathering material for a new project and she wants to hear from those who've seen something hairy in the woods. (She also runs a terrific bookstore in Portland: The Green Hand Bookstore.)

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