Saturday, January 16, 2016

Strange Maine Author Looking For Bigfoot Stories

Michelle Souliere, author of Strange Maine, is looking for bigfoot stories for her latest book. If you live in Maine and have a bigfoot story to tell, it might end up making the cut. 

After some hype from the recent airing of Animal Planet’s ‘Finding Bigfoot’, Souliere hopes it may convince people to come forward with their own stories.

In the ‘Finding Bigfoot’ episode it was clear there is no shortage of Maine residents who have claimed to have seen something large and unusual. The problem is people have stories from all over the state. As large and wooded as Maine is, it would be nearly impossible to search the entire state for this secretive creature. That is why Souliere is looking for resident’s help.

Her goal with the new book is to try to tie together some of the stories and really narrow down the possible locations of the hairy creature.

If you have a story you would like to share with her you can contact her through e-mail at

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  1. Replies
    1. I'll happily give her a story about bigcock

    2. ME BEFORE YOU (sloppy 2nd)CHUMP!

      TROLL (proud to be single)KILLER !

    3. Kook ^ , aint got no choice!

      AC collins

    4. when I was in the boy scouts in the 1960s we would take camping trips up in Maine we would see rocks stacks and some teepee structures from time to time we thinking it was odd because nothing was out there, but didn't relate it to BIGFOOTS

  2. met "greys" face to face, but I have never seen an actual grey one. They have all been pale white, like some deep sea or cave creatures without any pigment. DUDE

    1. they probe U tag U like we tag cattle so they can come back and check on U to collect DNA to produce clones and hybrids...