Monday, January 11, 2016

Man Abandons Camp When He Runs From Bigfoot

All it took was a few moments for Charles Benton to know exactly what he was witnessing. He knows he saw a bigfoot, and when it turned and looked directly at him, he took off running. He didn't stop at his camp to gather his belongings either. The torn up camp remains in the same spot to this day as seen in the photo above.

Charles Benton says he knows what he saw five years ago a few miles north of Broken Bow, deep in the woods near Hochatown. It’s where he says a turkey hunt turned into the scare of a lifetime.

“Behind me I could hear this moaning, this grunting. And I could feel it almost,” Benton says.

He’s tall, burley, with a weathered face and a long white beard — not Bigfoot, Charles Benton.

“I was on my all fours there for a minute,” Benton says, describing the experience. “When I got back to my knees and was getting up — see the trees that make kind of a ‘V’? Right there. In between those two trees, down there in that creek.”

He says the creature turned and looked right at him.

“I Ran up this hill, ran past my blind, my tent and all my camping stuff. Ran to my truck and never came back,” Benton says.

His equipment is still there, the colors of the collapsed tent and empty soda cans faded from years of sitting in the sun. And after chatting with people in Hochatown, it’s clear Benton’s story isn’t unique.

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