Thursday, January 28, 2016

Finding Bigfoot Seeking Locals In North Carolina

Animal Planet's Finding Bigfoot team is headed to Asheville, North Carolina, and they are seeking locals who have had bigfoot encounters. If you live in the area, and you have seen bigfoot, you might want to contact them and reserve your spot at their town hall meeting scheduled for February 9, 2016.

Animal Planet is coming to Asheville in search of Sasquatch, and the TV crew seeks stories from locals at a town hall event on Feb. 9.

The show, "Finding Bigfoot," follows four researchers who track the mythical beast around the world, aided by local lore. The episode featuring Asheville and Western North Carolina will film later this year, approximately four-to-six months after the February filming, said producer Sean Mantooth.

"We've done two previous episodes in East Tennessee and are now branching out across the border," Mantooth said. "We only pick areas that have enough Bigfoot activity to warrant filming an episode of the show at. So while I can't elaborate too much, rest assured that the greater Asheville area is Bigfoot Country."

In August, the Citizen-Times released a video of a Henderson County Bigfoot sighting that went viral online.

"The only thing I can say about the Bigfoot sighting earlier in the summer is that we're aware of it," Mantooth said.

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    1. Bluff Creek Project has ruined the PG location, especially now that Jamie Wayne & Steven Streufert have admitted to discussing a Bigfoot hoax with Mitchel Wilson. That historical location is now being over ran by people that have 0 credibility.

  2. Hey guys...

    NEW bigfoot sighting video ... proof ?