Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Bigfoot Researcher Plans On Catching Proof Of The Long Island Sasquatch

From beforeitsnews.com, a guest post by bigfoot researcher Karl Sup:

It was a beautiful spring evening around 7:30 PM with a temperature of 79F with little wind. I set up two apples, one on the usual branch and the other on the lower branch. I placed the camera about 8 feet off the ground on a small tree. This picture was taken from the vantage point of the game camera. I scouted and documented the area. I did note by comparing the trash pile pictures taken in April to the current layout that several of the items had been moved or dislodged from their previous resting places. All three items that were moved were plastic containers. One had some water in it still, with the cap on it! I returned the next day about 6 p.m. to discover that both apples had been taken. I was very excited and hopeful. I pulled the CF card from the Reconyx and downloaded them to my laptop. What I discovered was very puzzling.

First, I was disappointed that the tilt of the game camera put one apple out of view and the other almost out of view, but in the lower left corner. Frame 5 was the last in the series of pictures the Reconyx took while I was setting up the camera and apples and had a timestamp of 4:30:16 PM (PST), or 7:30:16 PM in New York. Frame 6 on the card was taken at 6:57:16 AM (PST), or 9:57:16 AM in New York. The apple had simply disappeared. It could not have simply fallen off the branch, as I had wedged another branch against the apple. Nothing tripped the camera overnight. Other pictures were taken during the day in which small branches or leaves triggered the camera. I did not have a good answer.

In addition to the apple disappearing from frame, the camera had also been adjusted. Initially I thought it was a trick of the eyes between the dusk and morning sunlight, but once I overlaid and toggled the images the camera had been slightly moved

I had it cabled to the tree very tightly, so I cannot explain how or who had pushed on it. When I discovered that the camera was pointed too high, I tried to adjust it while it was still cabled. It was very hard to budge. I left the woods at 6PM hopeful that whatever had taken the apples would return. The camera operated just fine during the day and night and took numerous photographs that were triggered by a light breeze moving small branches and leaves. Some of those wind-blown leaves were beyond the apple that triggered the camera, and yet the apple had simply disappeared without being triggered. Even if something moved very fast through the frame and took the apple, the camera still should have been tripped and triggered a series of five photos. I have heard of this happening to other researchers but I have never had this happen before.

The next day the new apple was still there, so I placed another apple on the branch. Once again, the Reconyx operated fine overnight and captured several series of photos caused by branches swaying in a light wind. No apples had been moved or taken. The next morning I left a third apple and took down the game camera before driving to the airport and flying back to Arizona.

I spent time working from Arizona with a work trip to Minnesota bookended in between. I arrived back in New York late June 14th and was eager to check on the research area the following afternoon. The apples I had left were gone, however, I did find a print on the far side of the gifting branch and used my size 14 foot for reference.

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    1. GRAYs control bigfoots, UFOs have been seen at the same time Bigfoots were in the area ... see a UFO and look for the BIGFOOT ...

  2. 1000% positive there are no sasquatch on Long Island! !!!

    1. Why not Manhattan? Detroit?

    2. No squatches on Long Island. Period. A lot of deer that eat apples though.

    3. Deer build stick structures too. And leave gifts in exchange for the apples.