Friday, December 25, 2015

Watch Out For The Little People Of Minnesota

JC Johnson and his Crypto Four Corners crew generally focus on the four corners region of the Southwestern United States. But recently JC has had a more northern interest, checking out some cryptids from Northern Minnesota near the Canadian border. One of which is the legend of the "Little People". A 2'-3' tall humanoid with a green complexion. According to some, that's one peeking out in the photo above.

For the past several months, Crypto Four Corners International founder and researcher JC Johnson has been in northern Minnesota, near the Canadian border, investigating several cryptid encounters and phenomena reported by local residents. One of these cryptids is a race of small humanoids known by the indigenous Ojibwa as 'Bagwajiwinini' or 'Wild Man.' Other bands have different names for them, including Apa'iins or Pai'iins, which mean 'Little Person.'

The Bagwajiwinini are described as 2'-3' in height, with a greenish complexion...most likely from the heavy ingestion of plants containing chlorophyll. They live in a darkened world of thick Bracken Fern canopies that can grow up to 3 ft. high. This enables the Bagwajiwinini to freely roam among forest and it's edges without detection. There have been many stories associated with the Bagwajiwinini, including the possibility of human abduction.

The legends regarding these creatures almost uniformly state that it is best, if one sights these creatures, to just leave it alone and go away. In Massachusetts, there have been several historical and recent sightings of the Puckwudgie and even what some consider attacks. These small creatures have been blamed for some local suicides and disappearances as well. Hockomock Swamp, is locally noted by people who live in Massachusetts for being just a flat out creepy, swampy, mucky geographical location. It is a very thick soupy bog, and is and was considered by the local Native Americans to be a cursed evil land. A man by the name of William Russo wrote in his blog, then later in his book The Creature From the Bridgewater Triangle: and Other Odd Tales from New England his own personal account with these creatures. He was walking his dog near his home around midnight, which happens to be just south of the Hockomock Swamp when a 3-4 foot creature came just about 10 feet in front of him and his dog. The creature was first seen by Russo just under a street light, and was said by him to be trying to vocalize words, and was even beckoning him to come closer. This man Russo said that “I had never heard of the Pukwidgies until Aaron Cadieux interviewed me for his documentary on the Bridgewater Triangle.” As the Wampanoag Pukwudgie story goes, a good giant had dispersed the nasty Pukwudgie creatures far and wide, and the more benign of the bunch decided to take up residence in the northern Midwest.

During the investigating, International C4C researcher Ron Shaw interviewed an Ojibwa woman who stated that on one occasion, her son saw a Bagwajiwinini playing a flute. Another witness, an Ojibwa man, stated that he and his son were hunting, and at point were separated. The father tracked his son to a root system of a tree where only his legs were sticking out. He pulled his son free...and told his father that the Bagwajiwinini captured him and were taking him underground.

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