Saturday, December 19, 2015

These Howls Recorded In Kentucky Gave Me Chills

I'm not sure what is making these howls, but whatever it is, it sounds super creepy. I think I'd go back in the house. From the youtube channel of Cryptowatch:

These howls were recorded in Breathitt county Kentucky on December the 12th o f 2015. They were recorded early in the morning. Of course we can not say for sure what is making the howls but it is an interesting capture. You can read more about it at


  1. Howling because upset with that Halloween skeleton still hanging on the front porch.

  2. Since this blog has been terrorized by one or two assholes I recommend the real believers just go to the YouTube page and comment there!

    1. You mean the real believers should go from their mom's basements to Youtube?

  3. Chills... Proof positive for footers.

  4. Credible sources would not position the recording as "possible bigfoot howls'. Instead, it should be labeled as "Unknown Howls" or something to that effect. This is the difference between being a professional and being a hack.