Monday, December 21, 2015

Spooked Camper Films A Female Bigfoot In New York

This video was uploaded by NvTV with not much information behind it. The description claims that a frightened camper in New York videoed this female bigfoot in 2013. I'm not sure how they determined it was a female, but if the footage is authentic, it's pretty impressive.

Update: In the comments section, NvTV said this:
This footage looks like its too good to be true...As this Female Bigfoot with an infant on its back just walks by this Lady (camper) who pulls out her cellphone to film it quickly before she takes off running. Some have said this is a hoax and nothing but a guy or girl in a Bigfoot costume walking in the forest....But if this was a HOAX why film it for only few seconds? I mean that's alot of work for a few second HOAX with a infant on its back...Is this REAL or FAKE?...Let me know what you think?


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    3. How long does it take to pull out your cell phone, open it, scroll to camera, slide to video, then hit play...Too long for this to be a real video.

    4. About as real as your videos, DS. Seen any dogman pups lately?

    5. Open your cell phone? What year are you living in? Lol

    6. Open your cell phone meaning " I have to open (push 2 buttons, to open my phone)
      3:38 please take as long as needed to find which of my 950 videos are fake..thanks.

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    1. ^Deluded much? Hey, let me know how much tinfoil you use to wrap round your head.


  3. LG l22c phone you can set it to camera and turn it off.turn it back on and in a second the camera is ready. Love it. The only problem is I can't figure out why everytime I try to message here anonamously I loose what I typed. So I have to resurrect my old iPhone on wifi.

    I bleeve that the above BF could be real. A grey face only a mother could love for sure. They ain't very pretty


  4. NvTv is a bad source for any videos. The person swipes videos, changes the stories, people etc, and then uploads to YouTube for a profit.

    The video in question is form the Beacon Bigfoot series of videos and I soundly busted that on my blog at Bigfoot Anarchy.
    The videos were made by Ron English and friends in order to promote his son Mars' Bigfoot mockumentary.

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