Wednesday, December 23, 2015

New Bigfoot Podcast Focuses On A Witness From Vermont

Vic Cundiff, the host of Dogman Encounters Radio, has just introduced a brand new podcast about bigfoot, Bigfoot Eyewitness Radio. In the first episode, Vic speaks with a woman from Vermont who spent time at her step-father's rural property growing up, where she had several strange encounters. She discusses those encounters she had with the bigfoot on an episode titled "The Neighbors".


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    1. Mountain Monsters AIMS team is back on the hunt starting Jan 23!
      The game is afoot and Trapper Team Lead, Wild Bill old Marine, Jeff tech guru, Willy trap builder, and Huckleberry security-
      Are back on the hunt for ol Mr. Bigfoot

  2. A big Merry Christmas to all the good people on this site and of course to the Supers! Peace and Love. Nothing like a little Trans Siberian Orchestra guitar work to kick off the holidays. Enjoy :)