Friday, December 18, 2015

Mike Rugg Of The Bigfoot Discovery Museum Talks Sasquatch DNA

In this episode of the Bigfoot Discovery Museum Show, Mike Rugg talks about bigfoot DNA. HE discusses his thoughts on the Melba Ketchum project, the Sykes DNA study, and the latest articles about the subject in the recently published Bigfoot Special Edition of Newsweek.


  1. Replies
    1. R Lindsay say's eating 1 gallon of swine excrement,can and will turn a loser into a winner each and every time !

    2. 10:13 here it seem I made a slight mistake ,as the crummy punch line is 180% off
      oh well better luck next time

  2. This is Mike Rugg's best OpEd so far. He really clarified a lot of things about a lot of people.

    1. And Mikee did not hesitate to make note of the "Johnny Come Lately" classification, that applies to oh so many people who operate chat rooms and/or strive to keep their face out their on a regular basis, with contributions that do not move the knowledge needle one iota. They are simply, "Johnny Come Lately Attention Whores and/or Dictators", who still do not have a clue as to exactly what Bigfoot is. But they will be the very last to admit it.