Saturday, December 5, 2015

Lookout Bigfoot, You're No Match For The Gabby Cam!

From the youtube channel of Barbara Shupe, aka Barb and Gabby:

Hello everybody! Thanks to a kind donation from a viewer, we have a second camera for Gabby to wear! It has taken some time to figure out just how to attach it to her. I tried hanging it from her collar, but that drove her nuts. So, I attached it to a harness. She wasn't very happy about that either, but we've been working on it. With Sandy's help, we tried it again, this last weekend.

So, here is our 1st attempt with the Gabby cam, in the woods! It's not perfect, but we are getting there. Lol! We also share our latest visit to the gifting area and tell about a recent experience at the cabin.

I have tacked our first Gabby cam footage to the end of the video, I would recommend that only those of you with a strong stomach, try to watch it. Lol! :)


  1. Replies
    1. I think you meant to say Dog Turds are so Scrumtious

  2. Does Hollywood produce movies comprised of their failed attempts at their production, without showing a successful attempt? No. Consequently, Barb has evolved into the Tim Fasano advanced stage of "produce crap videos that do nothing but waste peoples time". And this isn't the first one.