Wednesday, December 16, 2015

International Cryptozoology Museum Hosting Super Cryptid Conference In Florida

The International Cryptozoology Museum (not to be confused with the International House of Pancakes) is hosting a cryptid conference in Florida with some REALLY big names in the crypto world. How would you like to attend the conference for FREE? Check it out:

The International Cryptozoology Museum of Portland, Maine, is holding a conference in St. Augustine, Florida, on January 4, 5, and 6, 2016.

Would you like to attend, and skip the admission fee for all the sessions and a movie on Tuesday, January 5, 2016?

We are conducting a special consideration, for all who register for two days at the Casa Monica Hotel on Monday night, January 4, and Tuesday night, January 5. In exchange for your registration at the hotel for those two nights, under the ICMZ rate of $189 per night, you will be allowed to come to all the events on January 5th FOR FREE.

Please register by clicking here (ignore the cutoff date of Dec. 10th – that has been extended to Dec. 21st).

Who will you get to see on Tuesday, January 5th? Here’s the lineup:

January 5th

Vendors, Meet the Authors tables open: 8:00 AM; open all day.

9:00 AM: Opening Address: Cliff Barackman on “Some Thoughts on Footprints”

10: 00 AM: Paul LeBlond on ”The Search for Caddy”

11:00 AM: Matt Bille on “Bears and Cryptozoology”

Noon: Lunch on own

1:30 PM: Loren Coleman on “Cryptozoology in Museums”

2: 30 PM: Kathy Strain, ”Bigfoot in Native American Culture”

3: 30 PM: Pat Spain on “Beast Hunting”

4:30 PM: Michel Raynal on “The Search for the Giant Octopus”

5:30 – 6:00 PM: Tentative: Preview of a new documentary.

January 5th – 7:00 PM Day Two Evening: A special showing of a documentary on the Creature of the Black Lagoon movies (inspired by the discovery of the coelacanth) and the Revenge of the Creature (filmed at Marineland) will be screened in an art movie theater one block away, rented especially for this conference.

Remember, register here, and get all of the above events free.

For the rest of the info on this awesome conference, click here.


  1. all star lineup !
    wish I could go


    1. If they are all stars.don't you think they would have found one by now?

    2. international cryptoturd museum with gues speaker Mike Ruggturd

    3. 4:20- Stephen Hawking is an all star scientist but even with all his intelligence he hasn't discovered a cheap alternative fuel yet. Give them time and they will find one.


    4. Steven Hawking cant even wipe his own @ss.

    5. but he sure as hell can rock to disco in that chair of his, so give the dude a break. Geeeezzzz

  2. So, I could hang out with a bunch of self-proclaimed 'experts' in a field that is unproven and has yet to produce a specimen. All that for $185 a night? Pinch me, I must be dreaming.

  3. I'll keep my money and time. They'll just be telling more stories.
    If only they would use this same type of effort out in the field, they would have something by now.

  4. International Cryptozoology Museum Conference

    Start date: 1/4/16
    End date: 1/6/16
    Last day to book: 12/10/15

    Marriott hotel(s) offering this special group rate:

    · Casa Monica, Autograph Collection for 189.00 USD per night

    So for $189 x 2 for two nights (what a deal) I get to listen to what? can't I sleep in somebodies house free instead? If not, whos getting a kick back from the hotel on this, as I just checked and can get a room for $173.41 same hotel, same dates?