Saturday, December 26, 2015

Hunter Shoots Video Of A Bobcat Attacking Him

Would you be able to stand your ground while a bobcat stalked you as prey? That's exactly what this turkey hunter did. Not only did he stand his ground, but he also captured the entire thing on video. He does seem a bit surprised when the bobcat actually attacks him though. Check it out:

With two longbeards already tagged, Kevin Walter of Manassas, Va., was having a pretty good spring — but the most exciting moments of the season were yet to come. When the gobbler he was working this morning went tightlipped, Walter, a wildlife biologist at Fort Belvoir, set up in a new area on the side of a hill.

“After sitting for a few minutes I looked downhill and spotted a bobcat making its way toward me,” he said.

As the cat approached within 10 yards behind him, Walter took out his camera phone to record the seldom-seen animal.

“When it got directly behind me, I gave a few squirrel distress calls,” he said. “That stopped it in its tracks, and it peered around a tree to look at me.”

Walter thinks the shape and black color of the phone, and what may have looked like the eyes of a meal to the bobcat (the camera lens and flash windows on the back of the phone) triggered a predatory response. The cat began to stalk the fully-camouflaged hunter, who kept the camera rolling.

“It stopped about 4 yards away with its tail flittering about. Then, just like that, it jumped right at my phone, which was next to my face. I swatted it away, and it bounced off my arm and took off like a bat outta hell through the woods.”

Walter received no injuries. That’s one lucky hunter—and one bewildered bobcat.


  1. Now that was awesome! Here kitty, kitty!

  2. Bobcats must not be afraid of cameras the way Bigfoot is.

  3. Wow clear video...only boogers have the ability to make blurry video